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Did You Know Eating Out Increases Levels of Phthalates In The Body, See More About It

A recent study conducted on people who eat out in restaurants has revealed over 30% increase in chemical levels that cause diseases. Consuming food produced at fast foods and restaurants boosts dangerous chemicals that disrupt your hormones. This chemical is normally found in the plastics used as they help to improve the long-term durability of plastics. Certain foods get more exposure and are worse than others as shown below. Researchers investigating levels of phthalates in the human […]

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See How A Simple Muffin Can Take Your Entire Sugar Limit For The Day!

Did you know that consuming a single muffin can take your entire sugar limit for the day? Also, did you know that some types of muffins are worse than other types of muffins? Read on to see how this affects you and your kids especially when planning breakfast. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe sugar in a muffin measured out in teaspoons Some blueberry muffins sold by cafes and supermarkets contain more than the […]

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How to Slim Down After a Baby: Quick Weight Loss Tips

There is so much to do after the birth of a new baby that you might not have much time to think about anything else.  Unfortunately, many women just like you ended up gaining 25 pounds of weight during pregnancy and now that they have delivered are wondering how they would return back to their previous weight. They wonder when they can start to find the time again for fitness activities. Well, the truth is it’s never […]

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5 Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes to Try Right Away

Salad dressings can help to make your meal taste so much better. It is a crucial necessity for certain types of salads. However, if it’s unhealthy could really pack on the pounds within a short while and ruin your weight loss efforts. We have compiled a list of 5 healthy Salad dressing recipes you can prepare quickly to make your meal more enjoyable. These five healthy salad dressing recipes have flavor combinations that taste so good, you’re sure […]

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